Professional Services

With Joiqu, you're able more efficiently with your clients and stakeholders. Connect clients and projects in one central location that makes sure all your files, communication and knowledge are organized and always available. 

More efficient collaboration with your clients and stakeholders

Everyone's in the loop

  • Connect employees, departments and clients in one central workspace in the cloud where everyone has access to the same knowledge and resources.
  • Improve workflows, boost productivity and get work done in the digital workspace.

Improve customer satisfaction

  • Keep your clients up to date on projects and developments.
  • All your resources and files in one location, accessible on all of your device.
  • Increase transparency and better information flows by engaging your clients, partners and teams to the work that matters. 

Effortless project management

  • Manage projects and work regardless of time or place in an intuitive and easy-to-use workspace.
  • Set deadlines and easily get back to what's been done in projects.

More time for business

  • Stop wasting time on redundant meetings and micromanagement.
  • Seamless collaboration with teams, clients and partners ensures effective and productive project completions. 
  • Knowledge and information bank available for everyone minimizes overlapping and redundant work.

Secure collaboration workspace

  • 256 bit, high quality enterprise-grade SSL encryption keeps your files and your clients projects safe and sound.