For Governmental bodies and Public organisations

Work more efficiently in governmental organisations and public sector projects. Connect people and work in one central location where all your files, communication and knowledge are organized and always available. 

Collaborate and increase efficiency in project work

Easy-to-use project management cloud service 

  • Great solution for working on individual projects. Low cost and instant deployment makes Joiqu a viable solution even for small and short projects.
  • Designed to be simple, effective and functional.
  • You do not need IT support or knowledge management skills to start the service.
  • Fast and easy start – up and running in just few minutes.

Everything up to date all the time

  • Connect subject matter experts, other departments, and organizations into one centralized workspace online.
  • Invite experts and stakeholders from other organizations, businesses, and ventures.
  • Speed up your workflow, improve productivity, and get more work done.

Improve the project work productivity

  • Keep all participants up-to-date on projects, schedules, and upgrades.
  • All resources and files in one location, available regardless of the device.
  • Increase transparency and smoother flow of information by involving project stakeholders in your work.
  • Joiqu integrates with project management billing, resourcing, and CRM.

Simple project management

  • Manage projects and jobs regardless of time or place in an easy-to-use workspace.
  • Focus project communication in one central location online. Streamline the flow of information and prevent the loss of knowledge by eliminating the email chaos.
  • Add deadlines and keep everyone updated on the progress.

More time for work that really matters

  • Stop wasting time on unnecessary project management, email chaos, and needless meetings.
  • Seamless co-operation between employees, organizations and partners enhances working time and speeds up the decision-making process.
  • A centralized project knowledge bank minimizes overlapping and unnecessary work and promotes social learning.

Work in the office, remotely or mobile

  • The responsive user interface guarantees the same user experience regardless of the device.
  • Real-time notifications by e-mail or by text message will make sure that the needed information is available wherever and whenever.

Secure cloud workspace

  • The 256-bit enterprise-class SSL encryption keeps both personal and client data always secured in the cloud.