For Companies and Organisations

Replace obsolete and expensive intranets with Joiqu – all your business knowledge, people and key information in one central location. Boost internal and external project and work productivity and contribute to a more transparent work culture.

Replace obsolete and expensive intra- and extranets

Everything in one easy-to-use workspace

  • All files, communications, and information in one central location in the project management program.
  • Collaborate and share files, materials and expertise internally and externally.
  • Manage both internal and external projects, schedules and participants quickly and easily.
  • Improve your productivity by centralizing all your important information in one location, and stop wasting time searching for important information.

Replace your old intra and extranets with Workspace

  • With PAGES, you can replace old internal information and bulletin boards and create a customer or project dedicated Wikipedia.
  • Extranet for Customers: Connect customers, stakeholders, and partners to your safe environment, share information, communicate and work together. You can also publish bulletins and target content by stakeholder groups.

For internal and external collaboration and effective project communication

  • Collaborate between departments, offices and get rid of silo structures.
  • Speed up your workflow, improve productivity, and get more work done in a centralized digital workspace.
  • Share files, knowledge and know-how between different departments and organizations, and promote a more transparent and more open work culture.

Work in the office, remotely or mobile

  • The responsive user interface guarantees the same user experience regardless of the device.
  • Real-time notifications by e-mail or by text message will make sure that the needed information is available wherever and whenever.

Secure collaboration workspace

  • The 256-bit enterprise-class SSL encryption keeps both personal and client data always secured in the cloud.