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Kill the chaos with digital workspace collaboration.

Wouldn't it be great to have less pointless meetings, lost emails or time wasted trying to look for important files and information? Joiqu is an easy-to-use, intuitive digital workspace that connects your team and others to collaborate, share information and communicate in one single place that's always accessible, wherever you are.

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How we kill the modern day chaos

  • Reduce unnecessary email by consolidating communication, information and files in one location.

  • Less redundant meetings, emails and calls nobody likes.

  • Increase transparency and more fluent information flows by engaging your customers, partners and team. 

  • Improve productivity by up to 30% by unlocking your team to do the work that matters.

  • Collaborate and stay in the loop on anything – regardless of your device.

  • Detailed history of everything what's been done. See what was agreed and check back on details effortlessly.

  • All your files, knowledge and expertise accessible, whether you're on the go or at the office. 

  • Significantly reduce overlapping work between people and departments. 

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