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Fully compatible with Visma Severa project management.

Take Joiqu as part of your Severa project management, and at the same time enable the visibility of project communication both for your own team and for your customers or stakeholders.


All up to date

Clever integration: Joiqu & Visma Severa 

Customer communication platform

  • Keep everyone up to date, share information and communicate centrally.

  • Eliminate communication bottlenecks and streamline the flow of information.

  • Customers and projects are automatically transferred from Severa to Joiqu. Just add a conversation!

Joiqu can be easily integrated into Visma Severa project management, so Severa's customer data and projects can easily be transferred directly to Joiqu. 

For customer communication, Joiqu is a smart choice, as it does not require additional licenses or software installations for your customer. You can easily create credentials for as many of your customers or other representatives of your stakeholders as your project needs. You only pay an affordable monthly price for the users of your own organization. 

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Project communication is key for successful projects. Send messages, notify users about new updates and share files in one location in discussions.


Everyone in the loop

  • Keep everyone up to date, share information and communicate in one single location.

  • Project history archived and easily searchable by client and project.

  • Eliminate communication bottlenecks and streamline the flow of information.


Message features – Rich features improve communication and collaboration in your projects.

  • Request comments about messages and files.

  • Attach files to messages.

  • Preview attachments.

  • Notify people of new messages.

  • All approvals, decisions and messages saved in project history.

  • Archived project history.



Manage projects and stay in the loop anywhere. Joiqu is an easy-to-use project communication tool that connects employees, customers and partners in one workspace in the cloud.

Project management made simple & easy. Create alerts, add project members and manage project permissions from a single view.

Create, edit and manage projects effortlessly from a single view. View project members, set deadlines and create automatic alerts.


Manage project visibility per user. Add users to clients and projects or edit user access rights from the project view. 


Unlock employee resources for work that matters. Cut down the time used to micromanage projects by sharing tasks and responsibilities.

Latest activity

Latest activity feed keeps you up to date with messages, files and updates in your projects;

  • Quick look on the latest updates.

  • The latest messages, files and pages accessible instantly.

  • Stay up-to-date on project schedules, changes and progress.


Efficient project communication as part of Visma Severa's project management

Joiqu can be easily integrated into Visma Severa project management, so that Severa's customer information and projects are easily transferred directly to Joiqu.


By bringing your team, customers and stakeholders into a more transparent working environment, you improve the customer service experience and smoother project communication. Up-to-date information on the projects is compiled in one place, easily accessible to everyone involved in the project. Centralized project management improves productivity - eliminate communication and project management bottlenecks with Joiqu! 




Unparalleled ease of use – Simple and beautiful user interface together with powerful features help make your daily work significantly easier.


Easy setup

Nothing to install, download or update. Up and running in just minutes. No need for IT involvement or expertise.

Work seamlessly on desktop, tablet or mobile. All your files, messages and information accessible on every device.


Clear and simple user interface ensures stellar user experience, regardless of device.


Easy and intuitive use helps users engage. Anyone can pick it up and start collaborating better in a day.




All your project files in one central location, easily accessible from anywhere. Add and share files in projects or to your stakeholders.


Effortless sharing

Easily share files and materials with everyone following the project via the download link.


Easy document management

  • All project files, drafts and materials in one location.

  • Files organized per client and project.

  • Multiple file upload.




Stay up-to-date on projects and tasks with deadlines and real-time notifications.


Deadlines and schedules

  • Check project schedules and deadlines easily by client and project.

  • Automatic email notifications are sent 24 hours before deadlines.



  • Real-time e-mail notifications ensure that important information is not lost. 

  • Request comments and send notifications about the conversation individually or to all participants.





Onboard and engage employees, clients and partners to be part of your daily business. Every project member can easily see what's new and stay up to date.



  • Easily add and invite users and client contacts.

  • Flatten organizational hierarchy and contribute to a more open business culture.

  • Connect teams, departments and locations by breaking away from the silo structure.

  • Powerful search finds the people and companies you need in no time.


Clients and partners

  • Manage your network and increase transparent cooperation.

  • Invite and add experts from your network.

  • Browse past client work history easily.

  • Improve customer and stakeholder interaction and information flow by engaging customers and partners.


User settings and rights

Manage settings per user.

  • Profile information and expertise.

  • User-specific language and time zone settings.


Assign rights to projects according to the user's needs

  • Choose between full rights or read-only on files and messages.

  • Limit user rights easily per user or project. 

  • Add and remove user rights effortlessly from one view.





The data bank pages are your organization's internal knowledge center and best practices portal. Share critical information, know-how and tips with your community easily.


The social intranet replaces the old intranets and extranets  

  • Publish useful content and knowledge, and gather up best practices.

  • Crowdsource problem solving, questions and answers. Consolidate important information to save time.

  • Use tags to define page content and and improve searchability.


Visibility and targeting

  • Store knowledge and expertise in easily manageable pages.

  • Target content visibility by groups and client, internally or externally.

  • Use social intranet pages for internal or external communication.




Our friendly and awesome support team is here to help you.


Help center and premium support

  • Primary phone support and helpdesk for premium users.

  • Update information about new features and updates.


Training and onboarding

  • Easy to use on your own with the help of instructions

  • Complete support and consultation in setup, best practices and working processes planning.

  • Tailored training and additional services from your organization's viewpoint.





Secure and reliable project management software

State-of-the-art data security, reliable and high-quality servers and up-to-date protections ensure that your data is securely stored.


24-hour supervision

Each account is part of an automated monitoring system that monitors the functionality of the service 24 hours a day, all year round. In the event of a malfunction, information about the problem is sent to the operator on duty and corrective measures are started as soon as possible.


Encrypted data transfer

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is the secure, encrypted version of the HTTP protocol. HTTPS protocol is used to transfer data securely in the internet. The connection to the service is completely encrypted before sending using the TLS protocol. All conversations and attachments remain confidential. In addition to encrypting the transmitted data, thanks to the TLS-protected connection protocol, the user can be sure of which server he is actually dealing with on the network.


Daily backups

Data is backed up twice a day to separate physical locations. Short and long-term backups are encrypted and cannot be accessed by outsiders. Customer data deleted from the Joiqu service is also automatically removed from the backup cycle no later than six months after the backup was taken.  The disk systems of the servers have been secured and mirrored. The data security of the servers is taken care of with an active update routine. The functionality and restoreability of the backup copies are tested regularly.


Server environment

The servers are located in the secure Amazon AWS cloud service. The data in use and all backups are physically located in Finland and Sweden. The AWS environment used by the Joiqu service is e.g. certified according to the ISO 27001 information security management system (

Amazon AWS is the global market leader in cloud infrastructure offered as a service, and its data centers with data connections are located at the core of the internet, enabling a fast and reliable user experience from anywhere in the world.

Join thousands of happy users!


The world's easiest-to-use digital workspace and communication platform. Quick and easy setup - up and running in just minutes!

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