Simple collaboration and project management software for marketing agencies

AAPO Social Workspace is an easy-to-use and powerful workspace for marketing and advertising agencies. Centralize project management, client communications and collaboration in one simple digital workspace everyone has access to – anywhere, anytime. Increase productivity and billing rates by boosting project communications and transparency. 

Better collaboration with clients and stakeholders

Keep everyone in the loop on things that matter in your projects: drafts, versions and deadlines, neatly organised. Comment and share files, materials and works for clients, partners or freelancers effortlessly.

Centralized communications, knowledge and files

All your files, messages and knowledge in one centralized location, accessible for everyone - if you so wish. Real-time notifications keep everyone up to speed and make sure the latest updates or changes don't get lost.

responsive project management software

Easy project management

Bring clients and project members up-to-date on projects and progress. View project history and knowledge by client to make sure not a single detail or change slips away. Effortlessly and quickly add new people, clients or contractors to communicate and collaborate on projects.

"We were able to decrease time spent on projects significantly with AAPO: communications, drafts and project approvals saw a major boost in speed when made transparent. Reviewing progress and things that were already done helped us track decisions and optimize the process. We're very happy with the benefits. The app just keeps amazing us.”

Peter Björkqvist
Marketing Director, Canon Business Solutions

More time to be creative

Stop wasting time on meaningless management, emails and meetings. Seamless collaboration with the team, clients and partners creates a more productive work environment. Secure workspace organises all your important resources and files in one single location in the cloud, ready to be shared.

Say goodbye to email

Messy email chains, unnecessary carbon copies and dropped-out recipients kill productivity. By connecting projects and project communications you make sure the client and your team stay up to date, no matter their location or time. Make revisions, add new project members and easily notify people of important messages. Never lose information or messages again.

easy-to-use collaboration software

Project management & collaboration software benefits

  • Less redundant meetings, emails and calls nobody likes.

  • Reduce unnecessary email by consolidating communication, information and files in one location.

  • Increase transparency and more fluent information flows by engaging your customers, partners and team. 

  • Improve productivity by up to 30% by unlocking your team to do the work that matters.

  • All your files, knowledge and expertise accessible, whether you're on the go or at the office. 

  • Collaborate and stay in the loop on anything – regardless of your device.

  • Detailed history of everything what's been done. See what was agreed and check back on details effortlessly.

  • Significantly reduce overlapping work between people and departments. 

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