Digital Workspace and project communication tool for professional services 

AAPO is an easy-to-use digital workspace and project communication tool for professional services and projects. Connect project management, communications and collaboration into one simple workspace everyone has access to – anywhere, anytime. Boost productivity and teamwork to new heights with a simple and powerful project communication software.

Digital workspace boosts your project productivity

Fragmented communications, files misplaced in email chains and expertise lost with leaving employees is keeping your business from thriving. What if you could connect employees, communications and collaboration into one single location that saves time by enabling people to focus on things that matter?


Simple & powerful workspace you'll love to use

Project management is often linked with heavy, complex and costly software no one wants or even knows how to use. Intuitive user interface and clear design makes AAPO an easy-to-use platform that helps you collaborate better, frees up employee resources and provides a transparent project environment for everyone.

Transparency creates cost effectiveness and makes managing projects easier

Information about project progress and changes shouldn't be a secret. With AAPO, you're able to share what's important in the project to everyone. By making communications transparent, you alleviate the project management's burden of painful information forwarding and increase productivity.


"We were able to decrease time spent on projects significantly with AAPO: communications, drafts and project approvals saw a major boost in speed when made transparent. Reviewing progress and things that were already done helped us track decisions and optimize the process. We're very happy with the benefits. The app just keeps amazing us.”

Peter Björkqvist
Marketing Director, Canon Business Solutions

Work effectively and with freedom

Focus on work that matters. With a centralized cloud-based location to share ideas, work on files and manage projects – both internally and with clients – you're able to focus on things that are important and really work regardless of time or location. Deadlines make sure you'll never miss important project milestones or deadlines.

Say goodbye to email

Messy email chains, unnecessary carbon copies and dropped-out recipients kill productivity. By connecting projects and project communications you make sure the client and your team stay up to date, no matter their location or time. Make revisions, add new project members and easily notify people of important messages. Never miss information or messages again.

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Shared workspace for everything important

Simple and intuitive workspace is a centralised location for everything that matters. With the cloud-based application, your team is able to stay up to date anywhere instead of wasting time trying to hunt information from emails or shared drives. Single location for everything boosts productivity and teamwork like never before.

All your knowledge, available for everyone

When employees and experts change jobs or projects, all their implicit knowledge and expertise is lost. Save and organise your business and employee knowledge – then share it to facilitate company-wide learning.

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Start now!

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