Onboard and engage employees, clients and partners to be part of your daily business. Every project member can easily see what's new and stay up to date.



  • Easily add and invite users and client contacts. 
  • Flatten organizational hierarchy and contribute to a more open business culture.
  • Connect teams, departments and organisations by removing silos.
  • Powerful search finds the people and companies you need in no time.


Clients and partners

  • Manage your network and increase transparent collaboration.
  • Add and invite experts from your network.
  • Browse past client work history easily.
  • Improve client and stakeholder relations and information flows by engaging customers and partners.

User settings and rights

Manage settings by user.

  • Profile information and expertise.
  • User-specific language and timezone settings.

Control project and file rights by user.

  • Choose between full rights or read-only on files and messages.
  • Limit user rights easily by client and project.
  • Add and remove rights effortlessly from one view.