Project management 

Manage projects and stay in the loop anywhere. Joiqu is a simple project communication tool that connects your employees, clients and partners in one workspace in the cloud.

Easy project management

Project management made simple & easy. Create alarms, add project members and manage rights from one single view.


Add project details


Define deadlines and set alarms


Adding or inviting project members is easy


Add client or stakeholder project members

  • Create, edit and manage projects effortlessly from one single view. View project members, set deadlines and create automatic alarms.

  • Manage project visibility by user. Add users to clients and projects or edit user access rights from the project view.

  • Unlock employee resources for work that matters. Cut down the time used to micromanage projects by sharing tasks and responsibilities.


Latest activity

Latest activity feed keeps you up to date on messages, files and updates in your projects.

  • Quick overlook on latest updates.
  • Recent messages, files and pages accessible instantly.
  • Clear categorization eases use and navigation.
  • Stay up to date on deadlines and projects.