Experienced professional joins a growing software company: Peter Björkqvist appointed as Joiqucom CEO


Experienced professional joins a growing software company: Peter Björkqvist appointed as Joiqucom CEO

Nowadays it is rare for a top professional to work for the same company for 26 years. It is almost equally rare for an expert that has seen and done it all to accept a new professional challenge as the CEO and partner of a growing new company. Yet that is what Peter Björkqvist, who will join the management of Joiqucom Oy at the beginning of September, did. Recently he has worked as the Marketing and Communications Director for Canon in Finland and the Baltic countries.

"I have been lucky to be able to work for a global company, in several positions and organizations in Finland, the Netherlands, England, Denmark and Russia. Based on my experiences, Canon is certainly one of the top companies in the world when it comes to training and encouraging their personnel to develop their skills and face new challenges. But for a while now, I have been thinking that instead of a limited responsibility it would be an interesting challenge to have overall responsibility for a company's operations and development", explains Björkqvist, who is 51 years old.

The most easy-to-use digital workspace in the world

What's Joiqucom all about? According to its developers, the Joiqu cloud service is the most easy-to-use digital workspace in the world, intended to simplify project management by freeing users from having to deal with a flood of e-mails. It consists of a collaboration environment, project communications, file management, a file bank and an information bank. Users describe it as a digital workspace.

"Joiqu is a brand that we have been perfecting for seven years. The name comes from the word "joik" which is a very traditional way of communicating used by the Sami people.  Joiqu is a modern, digital-age communication tool whose name shows respect towards the mystical traditions of our home region", says Jari Laakso, one of the two founders of Joiqucom Oy.

After a few weeks' negotiations Björkqvist was ready to step in as the new Joiqucom CEO. Joiqucom's founders Jari and Petri Laakso were looking for a CEO and partner with the potential to introduce their product to the international markets. Björkqvist was familiar with Joiqu, which Canon had already used for years, and ended up suggesting that he was interested in the position. This was a positive surprise for the Laakso brothers, because Björkqvist's leadership skills and multi-field expertise had already impressed them.

According to Björkqvist, his experiences with different cultures, markets, values and ways of working have shown that, in fact, successful leadership requires training people, caring about them and being suitably demanding regardless of which nationality or culture they represent.

"Inspiring trust both within one's own organization and in client relationships is critically important when the goal is to create productive, goal-oriented relationships. In the end, it's the only thing that really matters", Björkqvist notes.

Activities on a global scale

Björkqvist's role is to take responsibility for the implementation of Joiqu's business plan and all its aspects as well as the realization of the goals defined in the plan.

"At first my role will be very visible while I focus on customer acquisition and the development of the reseller network. Joiqu is not bound by the borders of countries or continents, so I will be working on a global scale. Naturally, I intend to utilize the contact network I have developed over the years. I believe that my background and experience will provide me with good tools and credibility for negotiating with large and small companies and at all organizational levels. 

Where do you see yourself in a year, five years or 10 years?

"I see myself at the head of a company that is agile, grows at a fast rate, has excellent customer satisfaction and loyalty and satisfied, productive employees. In ten years I'll be happily retired, steering my boat towards the sunset, smiling."

Fact file

  • Peter Björkqvist
  • 51 years old
  • Worked for Canon since 1990 in Finland, the Netherlands, England, Denmark and Russia. His most recent position was as the Marketing and Communications Director for Canon in Finland and the Baltic countries.
  • Joiqucom Oy's CEO starting from September 1, 2016.
  • Joiqucom Oy shareholder, with a 24 per cent share.


Further information:

Peter Björkqvist
CEO from September 1
Tel. +358 50 390 3540
Email: peter(at)joiqu.com 

Jari Laakso
Chairman of the Board
Tel. +358 400 587 253
Email: jari(at)joiqu.com

Joiqu is the most easy-to-use digital workspace and project communications platform in the world, designed to be used by teams and companies. It offers a fast and easy way to reduce the fragmentation of project communications and documentation by providing a clear overview of the status of your projects. Transparent communication improves customer experiences and strengthens the company's modern image.