Hello World! We are Joiqu

Here's the bunch working behind Joiqu's success. Read more about our people and get to know us better. 

  • Jari Laakso

    Founder & Marathoner

    Jari is the man behind Joiqu's birth, with passion for easy-to-use and simple apps. An avid marathoner both in work and personal life, Jari enjoys starting up businesses on multiple fronts. When not working, he can be found skiing, running or paddling around.  


  • Peter Björkqvist

    The Skipper

    Peter joined the team in 2016, stepping in as the first CEO of Joiqu. Peter has an extensive career in international business and marketing, so he's without a doubt a gem of an addition to the crew. Always yearning for new cycling and skiing routes around the Europe.

  • Teemu Hillervo

    Shredding salesman

    Teemu, Finland's gift to music and guitar playing, enjoys working with our awesome customers and prospects. When he's not at work closing deals or at trade shows, Teemu spends his time honing the guitars, amps, pedals and other stuff we really have no clue about. 

  • Aksu Lämsä

    Marketing geek

    As the go-to guy in all things marketing, Aksu is passionate about marketing, customer success and awesome user experience. He enjoys great web design, esports, and all things digital.


  • Pete Laakso

    Partner & Fruit Enthusiast

    As the founder of Joiqu, Pete surfs on multiple ventures both on and off work. He enjoys travels, picking oranges in California, extreme sports and creating new, creative experiences for the clients.


  • Oona Laakso

    Back-office saviour

    Whether it's billing, financials or practically anything Joiqu-related, Oona is there for us. She's the backbone of our operations, and has the solution to virtually everything you might need. For now, she's back to her studies, but can be seen at the HQ occasionally.

  • Niklas Nyström

    Sales rockstar

    Niklas is a true problem solver who loves great food, running and video games. He's a young, passionate sales professional who has been working in multiple sales positions for different well-known brands, and who is avid to try and learn new things everyday.